Please give me some help someone

So I have a Ibuypower computer specs are:

Gigabyte motherboard GA-H55M-S2V
Intel i3 550 @ 3.2 GHz
Windows 7 64 bits
ATi Radeon HD 5450 video cards
Hitachi 1GB HD

Now to the problem, I haven't had any trouble with my computer up until now I want to say about 2 years I have had the computer. A few weeks ago I tried to reformat my HD and everything went fine but when I was reinstalling the Drivers it kept crashing and then going into a windows repair screen (kind of like safe mode but with repairs) well I ran the repairs and it never got fixed so I tried to reformat the HD again and will it was reinstalling windows I kept getting a blue screen (blue screen of death). I went to best buy and bought a Seagate HD to see if it was the HD and while installing windows the samething was happening. At this point I have tapped out on my knowledge of what it could be so I took it to Geek squad (big mistake) after them having it for a week they said my recovery disk is bad. Well my computer is at least running now but it seems to lock up from time to time and every so often I get the blue screen. I am kind of wondering if it could be the RAM just going out or something. But if anyone has any ideas please let me know at this point I am ready to build a new computer but I would like to get a little more money before I go that route. Thank you
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  1. Lets first test the RAM and go from there. Google a program called Memtest86+ and run it for a bit on each stick of RAM separately for a few hours (each). If it comes back with any errors on any of the sticks, then you know its the RAM (or at least its a contribution to the problems).
  2. Sweet i will attempt that once I get home from work....
  3. Well I tried it but wasn't sure which one to pick. Also I was updating my Video card drivers and while it was installing them it got to a point where it was installing but really it wasn't working it was froze, I noticed this problem numerous times while trying to install games on my computer as well. Any ideas?
  4. <--- this is the one you probably want. Put it on the usb, then boot your computer from usb (going into BIOS and changing the boot order). However, not all USB devices may support this. In that case: <---- unzip and burn the ISO (using a program like ImageBurn) to a disk. Then change the BIOS settings to boot from the disk and follow the steps.

    Here is what I recommend doing that has worked well for me when trouble shooting.

    1. Test the RAM. I always do one stick at a time and run it for at LEAST an hour. I prefer to leave it running for several hours/over night.
    2. If each stick tests individually, I then test all sticks together at once. If something goes wrong, then it may be indicative of a memory controller issue.
    3. If all RAM tests come out okay, download the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic tests (from their website) and run it. Could be a hard drive issue.
    4. If all checks out (hell, even if you are getting errors) I would download RealTemp and whatever temp program for the GPU and monitor those. Temperatures can mess up/give errors as well (especially since the memory controller is built into the CPU these days).
    5. Report back.

    This isn't exactly inclusive of everything that can be wrong, but its a starting point.
  5. Ok I will run one of those. I can't say its the HD but I think it isn't just on the fact I tried a quick fix and bought a new one and still had the same problems, so I returned it and put the old one back in.
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