Very slow internet speed after installing Sky plus HD

Seriously, this is a pure bullshit.I've installed Sky + HD box and my internet speeds have gone down dramaticly and when I'm online gaming, the pings are somethng like 2000ms or beyond. what the hell. I can't even watch youtube because of the slow speeds. it takes me 10 minuits to buffer something like a 1 min low res video.
I've fitted ADSL filter for sky because it inturupped with my broadban and it keptshutting off, now the speed is unbelievably slow. I'm thinking of a buying dongle secretly here for online gaming.
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  1. I suggest you remove your filter because you probably now have two in the same line. If you had regular Sky before upgrading to HD, there would have been a filter since the original Sky installation was put in - having two slows speed considerably and sometimes cuts you off altogether.

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