Need to upgrade. my fx4100

hi first blog . im having a problem a bought the fx4100 acouple of months ago. was kind of disappointed of the performance. i have it overclocked to 4.5ghz on aftermarket cooler.fps on some games suck. i been thinking of buying a fx8350 or crossfire my hd6770. im at a crossroad. what should i do?

870 extremem3 r2.0
8gb Crucial Ballistix Sport

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  1. Crossfire your 6770 OR if you are willing to spend the money on a 8350 just buy say a 7850
  2. well yeah i can buy a fx8350 i just want to get the best performance
  3. @4.5Ghz that 4100 is as fast as a Phenom II @ 4.0Ghz which is plenty for any game out there. Your problem is that the 6770 is really nothing special when it comes to gaming if you want better frames you need to upgrade that GPU, the 7850 is a great recommendation.
  4. yeah i also thought my gpu was falling behind. so theirs no point in crossfiring it?
  5. No I would just invest the money in an actual performance GPU. The 6770's are really just entry level cards and crossfiring them wouldn't do much more than look cool.
  6. im gonna test this my cousin has a HD 6790 i know thats alittle better but if i can get better numbers im upgrading the gpu. and thanks
  7. So how did it turn out?
  8. Will I got a 7850 so a huge jump in fps but also was pretty disappointed in the fx4100 so I bought a 965 overclocked it to 4.0ghz and gave the fx to my bro all and all I'm happy now.
  9. best option would be a fx8350 and a 7870/50 or maybe a 650ti or 660ti
  10. Yeah I wait until steamroller comes out . When ever that is . But I might jump on the fx8350. Later on.
  11. but why you bought fx-4100 in the first place ? see now you are suffering the wrath of the mighty bulldozer
  12. The bigger peformance issue here is not the FX4100 it is your HD6770, which is for all intents and purposes lower end. Instead of buying a new CPU and invariably a motherboard as the 870 will not take the FX8350's TPD's just buy a better GPU, say a HD7850 or 7870GE

    but why you bought fx-4100 in the first place ? see now you are suffering the wrath of the mighty bulldozer

    *Shake my head* This is Tomshardware, not tomsfoolery.
  13. Yes I understand it was my ancient gpu .
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