GTX 480 vs GTX 570

I want to know which one is better in performance, I already know about how the GTX 480 is loud and consumes a ton of power and is really hot. I know the 570 is quieter and runs cooler and also uses less power. That may be a factor for me because I have a 600w PSU. I am not someone who overclocks their GPUs simply because I don't know how and just don't like doing it.

GTX 480: $219

GTX 570: $264.99 after mail in rebate + 7.56 shipping

GTX 570 is $53.55 more than the GTX 480?

So which should I get, money is kind of a problem for me, I want to know which is better in performance.
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  1. check it out:

    seems like the 480 is a little better.
  2. +1^ The Gtx 480 is better for the price.
  3. Yeah, I would like some more replies though just to get more feedback. Would the GTX 570 drop price anytime soon?
  4. There are a few cheaper ones for $250, the price did drop already thought. By the way teh link you provided, apparently the price went up to $280. The Twin Frozer 570 is $250.
  5. I linked the wrong 570, I fixed it now.
  6. Is the one from MSI good? I currently have an MSI GTX 550ti and my motherboard is MSI so I trust the brand, but is the card good?
  7. The one for $250 doesn't state how many mhz the shader clock has, or is it the same?
  8. This is a perennial question, and I'm sure you can find other replies in other threads (some written by me, even!).

    The 480 is based on an older architecture, is hotter and louder, and uses significantly more power. It will slightly outperform a 570, though, and it's currently being sold at a great price. It also has slightly more VRAM (1.5 vs 1.25 on the normal 570). Meanwhile, the 570 is newer, but not exactly new.

    The question isn't 480 vs 570, though; the question is 480 vs 7850. The 7850 is based on a 28 nm process and is much more efficient than either the 480 or the 570. It overclocks like a beast and probably still has some headroom in its drivers for improvement. So there is little reason to get a 570 now: it's less efficient than a 7850 with similar performance and only 60% of the VRAM (7850 has 2 GB). Check out benchmarks here: It's game-by-game, and although the 570 has an edge in some (notably BF3, of course), you can overcome those gaps with an overclock on the 7850.

    My bottom line recommendation is the 7850. A 480 could be a good choice depending on price difference, but I suspect that a 570 is not going to be a good choice.

    Finally, as for whether the 570 will drop in price soon--that depends somewhat on when nvidia gets out its midrange cards (e.g. the 660). But the 570 is already feeling pressure from the 7850. So I'm not sure you're going to see a ton of movement any time soon.
  9. Great now I have GTX 480, 570 or 7850. Idk now. Im looking for the cheapest but good which would be the 480. But if I could spend a bit more it would either now be the 570 or 7850 because they run cooler and use less watt.
  10. You will likely save the money that you spend extra on the 7850 in electricity the first year you own the card, depending on how much you play games.
  11. 480 vs 570 = 480
    480 vs 7850 = 7850

    if 480 sells at 210 or so...for the money a 480 is a hell of a card. Just get a program to monitor the temps and even set a fan rate and you should be good. If you got money then get the 7850.

  12. Thanks, UL, you saved me the time. The 570 is a more refined product and easier to live with.

    The 7850 shouldn't even be in the conversation. It's about 10% slower and lacks the extras like PhysX, Adaptive VSync, FXAA, good driver support, etc. that come with an Nvidia card.

  13. There are some ridiculous posts above regarding the GTX 480 vs GTX 570, the most wise post was from urban legend which was originally posted by the green guy matto17secs.

    GTX 570 is identical in performance to the GTX 480, all the reviews shows 1-2% gain to GTX 570, however it's not a noticeable gain in real world performance, GTX 480 runs as hot as hell and it's very power hungry & noisy like a vacuum machine when fans get past 70%


    I would save up extra $20 somehow and get that HD 7870
  14. Im going to get the 570, I was looking at and I see a ton of different EVGA versions of the card, im looking for a price around $260 and $270. Are there any other good brands that I can get the card from, like MSI or Sapphire?
  15. There's some with higher clock speeds and ram but the egg ratings are at 4 stars while the one that is at normal clock speeds have 300 buyers and 5 stars.


    Higher speed:

    There's also so many different kinds, which one is the best? Should I go for the super clocked?
  16. The good ol' MSI Twin Frozr II is $250:

    Out of the two EVGA cards, I'd go for the Supreclocked one, which might be a little quieter and cooler.
  17. Quote:
    damn were on the same page... :D

    That's because those are the two most logical choices in the $250-$265 range. The other one that could work is the Zotac one, also for about $250. Unfortunately, the MSI Twin Frozr III PE/OC is substantially more expensive.
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