Laptop Screen gone crazy. Colour Change and Lines.

Well, Hows it going folks,

My sisters HP g56 Laptop screen is not working correctly. Theres lines running up and down the full screen. Also the colour has changed, almost like its been changed to a polarised type setting.

The laptop screen was previously replaced after she stood on the computer whilst gettin out of bed. It had been running fine since. I asked did she drop the computer and the answer was no.

Here are the steps I've taken trying to resolve the issue my self.
Ive connected another moniter via the dvi or Vga port(not sure which it is) and the laptop runs fine. All the colours are normal and theres no lines.

After checkin the laptop with a different moniter i completely dissassembled the laptop and checked that all connectors were in in place.

I separated the screen from all its connectors and checked the wires for any damage. Could see nothing wrong.

Re-connected all cables double checked they were sitting properly in place and reassambles the laptop.

Unfortunately the problem was still there.

If it help the comp Specs are

HP G56
Amd Chipset??? not sure what one,
Windows & Home Premium
2xgb ram

Any help will be great. This is a last ditch effort before buying a new lcd screen.

Thanks folks
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  1. Try gently pressing the screen at the lines. The screen should go all weird at the spot where you press, but if it behaves differently on the line, then it's physical damage and you have to get the screen replaced.
  2. The lines are constantly moving uo and down the screen.
    When i press on the screen it does go all weird at that spot. When i enter safe mose same problem occured.

    When i enter System Tune Up by pressing del before the oS kicks.(Similar to bios just give different settings) The colour was still crazy but the line were effectively gone. It was also harder to Read the screen.
  3. Same problem here on a friends G56 that I fished out of the trash. At worst just insane flickering patterns like it's convulsing. At best, background of all windows glowing a marbleized neon green!
    Was told it started after long periods of running on battery power and getting extremely hot in the process from a very poor cooling fan.
    Was told the video card was shot, so as a last resort I slapped the crap out of the bottom side :bounce: ! And as long as it's running with the power cord everything looks fine, still runs really hot so I keep the back side propped up a bit so it gets more air. It's truly a crappy disposable unit, but considering this started 1 month after the warranty expired, trashing it at one year is not an option if I can help it, so we'll see how long till the next "slap of life" comes around... 6 mos and counting. Reminds me of my first television I had been given after getting my own place. It was several years old at the time, a 20" technique, but it seemed almost "energized" by it's first taste of cable, had a great picture for a good 3 years, then whenever it was turned off, it took longer and longer to come back on after a lot of popping sounds... So for a good 3 more years I just never shut it down, at night just lowered the volume and darkened the screen! (I know it wasn't a very "green" solution, but my utilities were inclusive so...) No prob until eventually the power went out one day for a few hours...and that was that! :sleep:
  4. PS, Next time your screen gets that inverted neon color look, try tapping /pressing down on the edge of the case to the left of the keyboard right above the usb jacks, after the major slap, I've found a few good taps to that area clears up the color problem. Only did it a time or two when it just got too hot for that crappy constantly running fan! :pfff:
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