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Hi everyone,

So, I am looking for the smallest footprint/profile for a case. It's really just a fun machine (A10-5800K/SSD/8x2RAM)... so no video card or traditional hard drive or optical drive.

The Mobo is a microATX (9.6"x8.5"). I only found one mini ITX board and the reviews were not great.

Does anyone recommend a case they have used/liked? Is it possible to fit a micro inside a mini ITX case?

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  1. well about the puting Micro inside a mini itx case it would be possible only if you drill new holes but that would not be easy to do and what with the case itself just buy a Aercool cases or go on ebay they have a very good range of choice
  2. Gotcha. I'll check out Aerocool cases.
  3. Found an IN WIN BL040... it's like 13"x14"

    I think I might go for something like this.
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