Shifting from phenom 920 to bullodzer 8120


Is shifting from Phenom 920 to bulldozer 8120 a good move. Basically the system will be used for gaming and watching movies at times.

I game a resolutions close to 1024 * 1280
so will shifting the CPU make fair difference in the frame rates (as I know that games are more CPU bound at lower resolutions)

My graphics card is a 7850.

I am a bit worried since in one of the CPU benchmarks in tom's hardware the phenom 920 is placed along with the 8120 as far as gaming is concerned.

Thanks in advance
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  1. duplicate post
  2. I strongly recommend you going with Vishera (such as 8320) instead of Bulldozer. Vishera is stronger. Actually, for your purpose such as gaming, you may consider 6300 to save money since games are not that well threaded.
  3. Don't waste money unless you make a move in your screen to 1920x1080, maybe you can get a few fps more, but it doesnt make any sense, it 'll look just the same.

    As far as i know, your CPU is able to keep above 40+ fps even in full HD. but is up to you where you sink your money.
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