Shifting from phenom 920 to bullodzer 8120


Is shifting from Phenom 920 to bulldozer 8120 a good move. Basically the system will be used for gaming and watching movies at times.

I game a resolutions close to 1024 * 1280
so will shifting the CPU make fair difference in the frame rates (as I know that games are more CPU bound at lower resolutions)

My graphics card is a 7850.

I am a bit worried since in one of the CPU benchmarks in tom's hardware the phenom 920 is placed along with the 8120 as far as gaming is concerned.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you want an increase with gaming performance, the Bulldozer isn't recommended. I would recommend spending a little more money on an i5 processor which will give you a lot better performance upgrade than upgrading to a bulldozer. If you do decide to upgrade to an i5, you will need to buy a new motherboard because of the different socket sizes.
    Hope this helps.
  2. If you want an amd cpu, get the ones from piledriver architecture, like the FX-6300, FX-8320/8350.
    You should also consider the intel side of cpus like the i5 quad cores ones like the i5-3470 and i5-3570k.
    Also why not buy a new monitor with 1080p resolution support,while at it.
  3. Thanks a lot for the answers. But I am from India and the Pledriver series is yet not available here.

    Also intel i5 2500k is around $120 more expensive than AMD 8120 (In India eveything sells at 2- 30 dollars more than US).

    So will overclocking the 8120 to something like 3.5 Ghz match the new piledriver 8320.

    I plan to get a 1080p monitor in sometime but the MOBO, ram and CPU upgrade is really breaking my back here as it amounts to $300.

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