Whats the best upgrade for my PC ?

Okay, so currently i lack performance in games that i play (BF3, Guild Wars 2, Dota 2 and many others, but those are the main ones).

My current system rig is:
FX-8120 @ 4.0ghz
Asus DIRECTCU II TOP GTX 560 @ 925mhz
2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram
corsair force gt 90gb ssd
corsair gs600 psu (600w)
bitfenix merc beta case
23" and a 17" monitors.

Now what I need my PC to do is:
I loved the fx-8120 in a way that it rocked, when i was livestreaming. the 8 cores really came in handy when i livestreamed games etc. etc.
It needs to be able to handle TWO 1080p monitors in the future, i wont be running like uber resolutions with them, just need to game on 1080p monitor and do my other stuff on the other monitor.

My budget is:
Max i could go is 700-800 euros but the best would be if it cost the least and performed the best.

I will be buying all my parts from http://www.arvutikeskus.ee so please check that site if the store has it before offering something from newegg, thanks ! :)
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  1. I believe that upgrading to a SLI 670 gtx should give you the necessary boost in visual performance for the money you mentioned. Looks like your motherboards can handle dual GPU so I say go for it since you will not find a sweeter deal.
    I'm not recommending crossfire 7970 because of the power consumption and your PSU 600W 80% Certified can just manage the SLI 670 gtx setup.
    Cheers !
  2. Add another 560, get an i5-3450 and a Z77 motherboard. This will total in at around 450 euro, I guess. Other than that, everything will be fine. However, if you're running a legit version of Windows, you can only transfer it over to the new motherboard if it is a retail version.
  3. i got a windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

    so the biggest boost would be getting a new cpu and sli the 560 ? sli is known to cause stuttering + it builds up a lot of heat right ?
  4. Go with the pair of 670's. But I have seen 7950's go for $300.00 each and that is a GREAT deal!
  5. isnt upgrading the cpu a bigger increase than the gpu ?
  6. cheti said:
    isnt upgrading the cpu a bigger increase than the gpu ?

    I recently upgraded from a Phenom II X6 @ 3.4Ghz to an i72600k @4Ghz.

    Both rigs use/used my (2) GTX560's in SLI.

    Crysis2 and Deus ex seems to play about the same. (I run V-sync @60hz)

    The biggest difference I saw was when I went from a single 560 to two 560's playing Crysis 2. (I never played Deus ex with a single card.)
  7. what about just overclocking my fx-8120 to 4.6 to 4.8 ghz ?
  8. Your GPU is definitely weak by modern standards. It would be best to upgrade that. After that, a new CPU cooler and a higher overclock would do ya great.
  9. so maybe a: msi gtx 670 PE, h100, corsair 500r ?
    thats a good airflow case with h100 support :)
  10. GPU is more important in games than the CPU. I would recommend a GTX 670, too. It has more than twice the processing power of your current card.

    edit:336 cores to 1344 cores. Probably more like 3 times faster than your current card
  11. In 99% of the games you will notice a small difference (2-3 fps) between an amd quad or intel 6 core monster when you crank up the details to the maximum.
    Now spending 800 euros for a small increase in gpu power by going from 560 to a 670 and overcloking the cpu that you already own is not going to bring you the GPU muscle that a couple of 670's do.
    Heat wise I belive that the case you own can cool the sli setup.

    Of course ... there's always the 690 route :) that I intend to buy soon :d
    Maybe seling that 560 plus the 800 euros that you've got might get you close to buying the 690 and not have to worry about power consumption, heat or space used on the motherboard.
  12. going for a 7970 instead and ive seen the benchmarks etc. its not a small jump from 560 to 7970/670 imo.

    Ive already decided a bit tho, going with a:
    Sapphire 7970
    Corsair 500R
    Corsair H100

    Expecting atleast 4.4ghz+ overclocks on my cpu and better gw2/bf3 performance :)
  13. I think it's a good plan.
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