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so im looking at my first build in the next few weeks, iv asked around the forums a bit and had great help so thanks for that, just wonted a last check.

CPU: intel i5 2500k £159

Hard drive: seagate 1tb 7200 rpm £57

Gpu: sapphire hd 7850 2gb £162

RAM: crosshair vengance 2x 4gb £36

Motherboard: gigabyte GA z68ap £70

PSU: corsair 600w £53

OD: liteon ihas 124 £15

Case: coolmaster haf 912 £65

total: £617 (dont wont to go any higher really)

have i missed anything out? would you recommend changing anything? thanks.
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  1. Go for a Z77 board instead and get the i5 3570k.

    Z77 - ASRock Extreme4 Mobo.
  2. is it worth the extra £50 ?
  3. and that motherboard wont fit into the case as its 12" long :(
  4. What?! The HAF 912 can EASILY fit the Extreme4. And yes mate, it's worth the money :) Get the best!

    The HAF 912 can even fit my Maximus V Extreme which is the biggest Z77 board out there. It's a great case :)

    Don't you worry at all :)
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