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im not sure which category this falls under, so i selected the closest option.

here's my issue.

i've recently purchased a laptop (Lenovo Y480), which, according to the sales brochure and vendor, had a built-in NVIDIA GeForce GT640M graphics card.

inspecting the computer specs for fun, i ran the DxDiag function, only to be shocked at the Device details under the "display" tab.

Name: Inter (R) 3000 graphics (not sure what was there exactly, but it definately wasnt the NVIDIA graphics card i was promised)

same goes for the Manufacturer, chip type etc etc

so, my question is, does DxDiag display the installed software, or the hardware inside the laptop?

or rather simply, do i
1. find the graphics card driver online, dl & install


2. go find the who sold me this laptop and beat the outta him?
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  1. Well, you want to make sure that your Nvidia Graphics is being used.

    Go to start->type in Device Manager->Click on Device Manager->Click on the little white arrow for Display Adapters and See if it says Nvidia 600m series or something like that.

    If not, you may want to install the graphics driver.

    I don't know which operating system you are using, but you can go to the website I linked and hit Auto-Detect your GPU.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!

    after more research n reading, i realized that my graphics card was running on the new NVIDIA Optimus technology.
    And in there are 2 GPUs in the device manager, just that the Dxdiag function did not detect it.

    it may be that my optimus function wasnt switching between GPUs efficiently, because even when i had my game (diablo3) running, and used the auto-detacting link you provided, it still couldnt detact my supposed GeForce GPU
    (i'll test this out soon)

    so we'll see how it goes....
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