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I got a brand new Gigabyte Radeon 6870 Overclock Version but I'm worried about its temperature, I was playing SC2 on high settings and the graphic card temperature rinse up to 89 celcious. I think it's TOO HOT.
My gaming case has one 120mm fan in the front, one 120mm in the back and a huge 220 fan in the rear so I don't think ventilation is the real problem.
What can I do to lower the temperature? or it's normal for that card to go that high on the temperature?

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  1. the HD6870's max out at 105c, however you should hope to never see those kinds of temperatures. Do you have a blower type graphic card cooler, or is an aftermarket type design with multi-fans and blows the hot air into the case instead of out the back?

    However 89c does seem a little hot, if your comfortable you may want to remove the cooler and change the thermal paste
  2. 89 is pretty hot, but will not ruin anything. What kind of ventilation do you have? I agree with Rage33, if you feel like you can do it, reseat the heatsink.

    Back with my 9600GT when I OC'ed it, the temp blew all the way up to 92 on my Furmark test within 30 seconds. Freaked me out, but it did fine for the year I used it.
  3. This is my gaming case:

    and this one is my 6870:

    Even the video card has 3 fans on it so I don't know what could be wrong to reach that temperature.

    I'm pretty new on this so I don't feel like doing the thermal paste thing by myself, I'm also afraid to void the warranty or to damage the video card doing something wrong.
  4. If you don't mind fan noise, try using MSI Afterburner to set a custom fan profile. I find that the default fan profile isn't sufficient to cool my 6870, causing it to hit about 90 degrees at full load. So I bump up the fan profile to run at 60% speed at 60 celsius, and go up 1% per degree from there, brought my full load temp down to 72 celsius.
  5. I tried using MSI Afterburner setting the fan as you say, but my 6870 reached 92 celsius this time.
    Maybe there's something wrong with my video card?
  6. Yeah, if you are still hitting 92 with a more aggressive fan profile, that could mean the thermal paste wasn't applied properly, or your case has airflow problems, which it shouldn't with the fan setup you have.
  7. If you think you can do it (and it is pretty easy) I would reseat the heatsink.
  8. Well that's bad.
    What is easiest to do? Doing the thermal paste thing or trying to put another fan on the case to see if that helps?
    Or maybe should I try to validate my warranty?
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    Adding a case fan is very simple, you just screw the right size it into the case sockets. Sometimes the case isn't threaded, but that's pretty simple. Redoing the paste can be your second go around, though if there is a sticker there it will say something about if you remove it you void your warranty. If you would rather ship it in than risk having the vendor not honor the warranty I would ship it in.
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  11. I gave a call to the vendor and he said that I could take the video card to him to see what's wrong, so I'll do that first, if for some reason he refuses to validate the warranty I will try with the termal paste thing.

    Thanks to all of you. :)
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