Are These Parts All Compatible? Thoughts?

Well im working on finding parts for my new gaming rig. I'm planning to put it together myself and wanted to make sure all the parts i will be using are compatible and make a sweet rig.


The Games im planning to play the most are:

-BF3 (High, MAYBE Ultra Textures)

-ArmA 2 (High Textures)

-Garrys Mod (Highest Textures)

-Team Fortress Series (Highest Textures)

-Pay Day - The Heist (Med , MAYBE High Textures)

-Left 4 Dead (Highest Textures)


Most of these games, i will be recording with DxTory or Fraps for youtube.

I will be also trying to Raid 0 my SSD, and use the SSD for OS Boot and my favorite games.

Im also interested in OCing to about 4.2 - 4.5 GHz


- If you guys can, could you leave a thread or video on how to Raid 0 a SSD!

- Also rate me gaming rig!

- Leave some feed back and post if this rig could play the games i listed to my standards!

Thanks in advanced!

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  1. System looks pretty good.

    With regards to raid 0 your SSD, from what i can see you've only listed one so i don't see how you could do that.

    I would also recommend not bothering with raid 0'ing two SSD's. The performance you will see will be negligible on a day to day machine. Also i believe you lose the TRIM function from raiding them.
  2. i can't raid 0 my SSD? i need 2 SSDs to Raid 0 it?
  3. What you don't give is your monitor resolution. Would help, to advise.
  4. im not sure, im not using a specific monitor, its my TV that i bought a while back and its a 22 inch flatscreen TV
  5. whosBlu said:
    i can't raid 0 my SSD? i need 2 SSDs to Raid 0 it?

    Yes. Raid 0 is striping. This is where your computer will write to the two separate drives to increase write speeds. Hence you will need 2.
  6. oh ok, from all the videos i watch, they say they will raid 0 their SSD Drive, but never mention they have 2, but thanks
  7. No problem, other than that, everything else in your system seems fine.
  8. Also, do you think i can run the games i listed to the standards i posted of recording, and High and MAYBE Ultra Texture Details?
  9. I'd estimate about 40-50 fps in BF3 on max settings at 1920x1080 which is probably the most demanding of the games so you should be fine.
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