CD-ROM/LS-120 problem on ATA 33 cable

My problem is I have both a CD-ROM (Pioneer DR-A12X) and a LS-120 on the same ATA cable but Windows 98 SE can only see the LS-120.

I have just installed the CD-ROM. When I installed it I set it to "slave." After Windows came up I could see the CD-ROM but not the LS-120. "Ah ha," I thought.

Lo and behold the LS-120 was also set to slave. So I switched one of them to master. Turned on machine. CD-ROM disappeared.

"Okay," I thought. Switched them around this time. Still no go.

Clearly it's not a problem with either drives or the cable. BIOS could recognize both, and Windows could too, but NOT at the same time :mad:

Does anybody know how can this be corrected?
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  1. One clue for this enigma. Whenever I tried to access the LS-120, the computer attempted to access the CD-ROM. I hope this helps.
  2. Go back into BIOS and re-detect your devices.

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  3. The BIOS has no problem seeing both devices. When I boot up the computer both are found by the BIOS.
  4. If your LS120 is Master it should be the first on the cable and the CD-ROM if Slave at the end of the cable. Maybe its this configuration issue.

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  5. i dont think you mentioned jumper settings

    what are they?
    properly set to master & slave?
    some older cd drives and burners have NO jumer settings, and are automatically assumed to be something. that can be trouble with other devices attached.

    if they are set to master slave and dont work, you could try swapping them around, and see if that cures the prob.

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  6. Hm.

    I have first set the CD-ROM to master and the LS-120 to slave. When it didn't work I swapped them around. Still doesn't work.
  7. I did set the jumpers.

    Further testing revealed very strange behaviour. If I set both devices on the same setting (either both "master" or both "slave") Windows can see the CD-ROM drive but not the LS-120. It also takes a long time to boot up and shut down.

    If I set them to diffent settings Windows can see the LS-120 (but not the CD-ROM drive). However it can't access the LS-120 nevertheless.

    If I disconnect the CD-ROM drive then the LS-120 works normally.

    Any ideas?
  8. wierd...
    off hand i would say that they really dont get along.

    what operating system ar u using, and what mobo?

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