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I currently have a symmetrical 100mb/s fiber to the home connection and an asymmetrical 50mb/s down - 10 mb/s up cable modem they are both connected to a peplink balance 380. The issue i am having is i can't get the full downstream of 150mb/s to a single pc. I can however use 2 PC's and achieve 75mb/s to each of them. According to peplink tech support, the unit is functioning as it should. They say it can't combine all of the bandwidth for use on a single down load.

My question is, are there alternate load balance appliances such as a Fatpipe brand or other, that are capable of combining all 150mb/s into one?
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  1. Wish i knew the answer to this one but i have never seen anyone combine two different WAN signals. But i can say i would be happy with 50MB in my area let alone 100 :D
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