MSI Z77A-G45 vs Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H

As you can see the price for each board is exactly the same... are there any benefits of one over the other?

this is the rest of my build if its important:

GPU: 2GB MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k + Coolmaster hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler
PSU: 650W Corsair Enthusiast TX V2
RAM: 8GB (2 x 4GB) Corsair DDR3 Vengeance
SSD: 128GB OCZ Vertex 4
HDD: 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM
CASE: NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower
DVDRW: Sony AD-5280S-0B 24x
FANS: 1 x 140mm NZXT FZ-140mm LED 13 Blade Fan 1000RPM 2 x Arctic Cooling F12 120mm Case Fan
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  1. The MSI board has a second PCI-Ex16 3.0 slot and more PCI-Ex1 slots for expansion.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I recently opted for the GA45 over the D3H - loving it.
  3. $115 w/free 2013 Kaspersky

    *I see your in UK, wow ASrock is outrageous in UK!
  4. Go for the ASRock Z77 Extreme4. It's much better than those two. And the best bang for the buck.
  5. Oh and remember to post component related questions in their respective sections. (Like, this thread should've been created in the Motherboard section)

    Have fun! :)
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