PSU blew house fuse

Just built my first PC and got everything up and running with no problem. I take the tower over to my friends house, plug it in, and the fuse in the room blows. We reset the fuse, and now my pc won't power on. No psu fan, no leds, no signs of vitals. I reset the connections to the mobo with no improvement. There are no smells, no visible damage, looks like it did three days ago before first boot. The only thing plugged into this fuse was a small lamp and router, both on a different outlet. The outlet that I used for my pc works after reset. I've tried different Power cords, reseating ram, and double checking individual wires. Here are the parts.

Asrock z77 extreme6
I5 3570k not oc
4x2gb ram (don't remember which ones, but high quality)
650w rosewill capstone psu
Antec 1200 case

So is my psu shot? Any theories or suggestions before i try another psu Wednesday? Really like to figure this out this weekend.
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  1. Ouch you said it all a Rosewill Psu.
    PSU is dead no doubt, and not being unkind here, likely to of fried the rest of the computer parts when it popped.
    Rosewill say it all devilpup sorry and all.
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    Unplug the PSU from all peripherals and try to start it by shorting the PS-On signal wire (green colored) to any ground lead (black wire). If it turns on then try it with hardware again - sometimes a PSU will latch off and need disconnected from AC to reset itself.

    Otherwise, odds are the PSU has a shorted (fried) switching transistor, that's one of the few things that would so readily pull enough current to trip a household fuse or breaker. That is a non-user-replaceable part but if you have the ability to solder and know your way around electrics supplier sites you can DIY fix it, though if it is under warranty I'd take advantage of that option instead.
  3. I got lucky. Bought new PSU from a different company and booted right up. Been gaming since then. Submitted RMA to rosewill, they pulled my purchase through newegg and I will ship it out tomorrow. Guess it will end up being my backup in case i blow another one. After taking a good look at the PSU in good lighting I found a blackened capacitor. So it all worked out, just cost me some money to get it fixed. Thanks for the help.
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