[Solved] Empty Drives Showing up as Audio CD

I have the same problem as the OP. For some reason I can't find the [Solved] answer (page is missing). I tracked this issue across several forums and nobody seems to have published an answer. The OP posted pictures of the issue and mine is same issue. BD-RE drive shows up in Explorer as "Audio CD". Click on the drive and there are phantom CDA files dated 1994 and 1kb each. Cannot be deleted. I am running WIN 7 x64 on a rather new build Gigabyte x79 mobo (but many others have reported same problem on other brand mobo's). This originally came to my attention because I installed iTunes and iTunes picked up the Blu Ray drive and put it under "devices" and tried to import the cda's (it hung).

The drive is a Pioneer Blu Ray BDR206D. It has no cd loaded into it, yet the CDA files show up in explorer, about 24 of them.

Thanks for your help. RWS
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  1. I have finally solved it. As in the OP's remarks, the problem is the Intel RST e driver. Since the OPs motherboard was ASUS and mine was Gigabyte, I assumed my problem was different, but it was the same because they both use the Intel RST driver.

    I simply went to the Giga x79-UD3 download page and (after reading dozens of web forum articles by others with same problem) downloaded the later version of the iRSTe: It is this one: Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise ( Intel RSTe ): 18.13 MB 2012/08/07.

    Now my Pioneer Blu Ray drive appears under My Computer as simply: BD-RE Drive:

    Here's the download page for Gigabyte x79-UD3 if anyone needs it: http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4050#dl
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