USB port FRIED 5 devices

i plugged my headset, iphone, ipod, friends iphone, and controller into the usb in the front of my computer and what do you know? NONE of them charge or work anymore. is there a way to make the devices work or fix the USB port? I'm at around $900 in damages right now...
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  1. any advice from anybody? all ears
  2. just wondering why you decided to go ahead and try your friend's iphone after it had already fried loads of your own kit. my best recommendation is to never touch that USB port again. not too sure about the fix for the rest of your kit, sounds as if the "frying" that occurred would most likely be a massive power spike, which would cause any capacitors (voltage storing components) to overload and blow. you could possibly get the main board replaced on your ipod and iphone, but not too sure that it would be worth it for the headset or controller.
  3. well I didn't know the USB was the cause of all this when my friend tried to charge his phone. He called me and told me his phone was no longer charging just like my stuff and i'm only assuming he tried to charge it on my computer. but I guess there is just no fix for any of this.
  4. Sheeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Can you RMA any of that? And I wouldn't be too quick to use that USB port again.
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    Reversed motherboard headers or connectors for front USB connectors?

    Unless the motherboard manufacturer somehow ended up wiring USB power to 12V which is extremely unlikely, the above is the only way I can think of to fry USB devices through either user/builder error (plugging USB cables backwards or into non-USB headers) or manufacturing error. (wrong pin order for some reason.)
  6. I don't think I can RMA anything :( but I did re-do cable management but I plugged the usb into the header it has always been in. I will contact ASUS later today but I doubt they will do anything about the devices the usb port ruined. hopefully they'll at least RMA the MOBO
  7. deyyym, double check the usb wires
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