Computer build compatibility check?

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  1. Looks good, i7 will do if ur not overclocking since its non k, but recommendation for gaming are i5s as HT isnt utilized much in games but might as well go for it, maybe go for a 670 gtx, can usually get a reference heatsinked for $360, or i recommend a asus DCUII for its cooling solution. Everything else is great, only thing is i might get the ASUS Maximus V, as well its a RoG motherboard but just a personal preference.

    Notcua is one of the best for air coolers, corsairs makes everything with great quality and build, not a fan of seagate as sent back to rma a 1.5 and 1tb hdd

    Can get a PNY 670 for $10 more than ur 660 ti, and its $300 after rebate, or a Zotac or MSI under $370
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