Trouble with new GTX 560

So a couple months ago I finally bought a new graphics card mainly to play Diablo 3 on. I was running a super outdated GTX 7800 and I bought a GTX 560 Galaxy card from new egg. I'll start out by saying I don't know much about computers at all really. I know a little though. So right away I had problems with my card. I had video crashes (although they were super rare) but the main thing that bothered me was how OBNOXIOUSLY loud the card was. It's just unbelievable. The fan would crank up to 100% immediately whenever I even sat idle with Diablo 3 open. I went in and turned the fan to manual instead of auto which obviously got rid of the noise but I couldn't in good conscious run it manually without worrying about damaging my card. I tried recently and temps hit over 100C within minutes. At the beginning my fan would be running at 100% on auto and my card would peak at about 80C. Now it hits 95 even with the fan all the way up. I can't even take the noise so I stopped using it. I don't know if my computer's airflow is just AWFUL or I have a faulty card or what. Here's a pic of the crash that happens sometimes. It seems to happen every time I try and watch a youtube video in full screen. Ridiculous


My computer specs are:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
4 GB of Ram
GTX 7800
Windows Vista 64 bit
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  1. looks like a faulty card to me... or something happened to the cooler, to much dust or heatsink does not make perfect contact with the gpu (maybe something happened during transport...)
  2. thanks, anyone else?
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