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I have a problem with drivers for my graphics card... I own MSI Radeon HD4850 1GB DDR3 256-bit... I had Windows 7 and recently i downgraded to XP SP3,but since then i cant get my graphics card to work properly... I have tried many drivers,but none of them seem to work... When I go to CanYouRunIt,instead of showing me that i have a Radeon HD4850 it says that i have a AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x944A)... And when i start playing a game,it runs fine for a couple of minutes,but then just freezes and i have to restart my PC... Sometimes I also get a buzzing sound from my speakers...It is really annoying and I have no clue what should i do... If you can help me somehow i would really appreciate it...
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  1. sound driver conflict. uninstall the drivers. reboot. let windows find the new hardware. then install the drivers again but do a custom or advanced install. do not install the sound driver.
  2. i think your gpu is crash
  3. When i run graphics driver installer there is no option of advanced install,and i have to install everything... Insted of that i opened Add/Remove Programs,selected AMD Catalyst Install Manager and unninstaled only HDMI sound driver... I hope that will work... I'll run a game and see what happens... If problem is still there,i will report you back...
  4. Problem is still there,but this time PC didn't freeze,game did for about 5-10 seconds and there was some sound losses too... And how to solve that issue on CanYourRunIt where is says i have AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x944A)? I know that drivers are installed,but maybe not properly... I can open Catalyst Control Center and everything,but there are still some problems with sound and game freezing...
  5. Use Driver sweeper and do a clean uninstall of the graphics and sound drivers, then install the latest drivers.
  6. Okay,when i open Driver Sweeper this is a window I get
    What should i check?
  7. when you reinstalled your drivers you weren't paying attention. there are options as to what you install. you missed it.

    be careful with drive sweeper. don't uninstall ANY motherboard drivers.
  8. Select both the Nvidia Display driver and the AMD Display driver. It could be that the Nvidia display driver is causing the conflicts. It's usually not wise to have both drivers installed unless you know how to do registry tweaks and such. Since you are using the AMD GPU, there is no need for the Nvidia display driver.
  9. And i didn't say other specs of my PC...I have:
    ECS GeForce 6100SM-M2
    AMD Athlon 5200+
    160GB HDD
    ATX 450W
  10. And what about nVidia Chipset,ASUS sound,Realtek sound?
  11. this is why i dislike when people suggest unawares run to drive sweeper.

    save yourself some headaches. go into the device manager and uninstall the High Def HDMI sound drivers. reboot/don't let windows reinstall.......... and disable windows auto update or it will.

    leave realtek alone. the 6100 is the nvidia onboard video. you shouldn't have to uninstall that.
  12. Okay,there is AMD High Definition Audio Device and Realtek High Def Audio... I am guessing that i should uninstall AMD Audio Device?
  13. if you're using onboard sound yes............ the AMD is for using sound through an HDMI cable to your monitor/T.V., etc.
  14. I've turned off Automatic Updates,uninstalled it,restarted my PC and when loged in there it was again,but know it says ATI High Definition Audio Device so i just disabled it... Hope it'll work...
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