ATI 6870 to LG TV display issues

Righty, I have an ATI Radeon 6870 GPU which I'm trying to hook up with my LG RZ32LZ50 HD TV.

My LG TV is fairly old, it only has one DVI input and one Component Video input, among regular RCA and a couple of scart inputs. It also has a VGA output, not input, which I'm not quite sure what is for.

I've tried two set ups, one being a direct DVI-DVI cable from my GPU to the TV. The TV would 'recognise' in the least (I assume) and go straight into DPM mode, and the screen would go blank. Nothing else.

The other set up is where I got a HDMI-HDMI cable, placed one input into my GPU and another into a HDMI to DVI adapter, the DVI adapter going straight into the TV. No signal would continue to display, which I'm assuming means nothing was recognized.

Now I've tried a few troubleshooting tips, lowering the resolution.. changing the refresh rate.. I also restarted my computer while the TV was connected, just incase any drivers needed to be started. None of these came to any avail.

Just for reference, I've successfully connected VGA to my TV by using a VGA to DVI adapter with two different laptops. Since neither my TV or GPU have VGA input, would a VGA to DVI or HDMI adapter in my GPU with a VGA-DVI cable that leads into my TV work? Technically it'd be analog which is working with my TV.

So I'm not sure what's up. I'm assuming there may be something to do with a 'handshake' for digital display where DVI can fail or just plain ill support for DVI in general (it seems as if it's a dying form of HD) and I've read about poor support for DVI by ATI and blah-blah. EDID issues, etc. I can't seem to find any kind of relevant fix. I'm honestly on the verge of selling this old heap of junk to put towards a TV with actual HDMI input.

Any ideas, guys?
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  1. Wow, that is a starnge occurance. i'm surprised HDMI isn't providing any video at all. Mine did that on my Samsung plasma, but only once. I switched to DVI to VGA and it worked fine. (my tv has VGA in though), and HDMI has worked fine ever since.

    What version of ATI Catalyst are you running? Try upgrading to 12.6, which has been released in the last month. See if that helps.
  2. Mhm, VGA does work with my TV. I have a DVI-VGA adapter to use my PC monitor as my GPU has no VGA-out, and if I plug-in my VGA cable into one of our laptops and use the DVI-VGA adapter on my TV, it works perfectly. But as I have no VGA-out OR VGA-in I'm assuming I'd have to buy another DVI-VGA adapter to keep it analog. Anything digital and problems arise. :/ CCC is indeedy version 12.6.

    The problem isn't actually that strange. I have read thread after thread after thread by people with either LG TVs or simply just DVI-input problems. I've not actually seen a fix so far.
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