Games crash in windows 7

Hey everybody. So first and foremost, heres my set up

Windows 7 Pro, x64
Intel DG43GT board
8 gb ddr2 800 RAM
Nvidia GTS250 512 mb GPU
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4ghz
Intel Integrated audio

So far on two of the games ive tried to play, Ive had nothing but problems. The games are Battle for Middle Earth 2 and Day of Defeat source. They are both XP era games, and should have no problem running. However, while playing the games i'll sometimes get weird audio lag glitches where i get an audio buzz and the game freezes or sometimes dosent freeze (accompanied by the buzz) for like 1 second. Both games have some weird artifact things going on with objects and flashing on the screen once in a while. Finally, after both running somewhat decent, about 10 mins in the games crash and i just get the so and so has encountered an error message. When BFME2 was doing it before i was getting a C++ error, but now it just gives me the windows error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my system shouldnt be having troubles running games like these
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  1. All drivers up-to-date?
    All windows updates?
    How are the games installed? CD? Are there any patches available?
  2. Have you tried setting the XP Compatibility mode on the games to see if that helps?

    You might even want to set them up to run as Administrator as a last recourse.
  3. All patches for the games are installed
    All patches for the gpu are installed
    Windows patches all installed
    Audio drivers installed
    Basically ive got everything up to date. And when i try to run BFME2 in compatibility mode, it tells me that it cannot locate the cdrom. kinda frustrating, considering the disc is sitting write in the dvdrom drive.
  4. I know with ATI drivers, they install a C++ dll. I don't know about nVidia drivers, but do you have the latest nVidia drivers installed? In your latest response, you state that audio drivers are installed, but nothing about the latest nVidia video drivers.
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