APU 3500 or HD 3850 256MB

Hello guys

Just want to ask abit of advice on whether to use the onchip Gpu - 3530D @ 443Mhz or I have a HD 3850 256Mb @ 668MHz laying about, now its not for heavy gaming as its for the girlfriend but I do want her to see the games with a little eye candy at 720p, any advice is appreciated.

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  1. HD 3850
  2. apu is the way to go
  3. I would guess the 3850 is a good bit faster for games. Download 3dmark vantage and run it with the apu and then install the 3850 and run it again. I would love to see the differnece in score.
  4. Unless you are running out of vRAM (256MB is not very much with current games), the 3850 will be significantly faster.
    It will also draw significantly more power than the integrated 6530D, if that is of any concern.
  5. Yeah, i really noticed the vram limitations with Crysis on medium (17 - 30fps @ 1366x768) but that was a game I play, so was just stressing it. The games she enjoys are a lot less demanding Overlord games is some of her fav.

    Thanks guys
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