First Time Builder - Think Components Will Complete a Gaming Rig?

Hey all,
I am building my first system and am quite excited to be doing it myself. So, I finally chose all the components keeping in mind a budget of around $800 - $900 (less if possible), but not wanting to sacrifice too much on performance.
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a quick peek at this list and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!
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  1. I am looking to cut just a little bit of the cost... Perhaps a different mobo?
  2. Might want to be careful with the antec 300 and your graphics card. The GC may be too big for that case. Just a warning.
  3. garrettk4 said:
    Might want to be careful with the antec 300 and your graphics card. The GC may be too big for that case. Just a warning.

    Thank you for the advice. What do you think about the Corsair 300R?
  4. Hey dude, Are parts Seem fine, but the other guy made a point about your Case Size, ALSO!!!!!

    you dont have to buy all your parts from Amazon, there is the site called PC Part Picker, where you can find all the parts on the Amazon page you linked us and it finds the websites that has the lowest prices for each part. Its easy and simple to use.

    The Site:

    Once on the website, click Get Started and Start Picking and Finding the Parts, if you have any questions on how to use the site, just reply or PM me


    If you more comfortable with Amazon, thats fine. Its just you asked if you could knock some money of your total, and i think PC Part Picker can do that! It did for me at least :P
  5. Keep in mind that the Antec EarthWatts PSUs don't come with power cables (ie, wall-to-PSU cables); as this is your first build, I don't know whether or not you've got a spare one lying around or not. You can either buy one from Monoprice for dirt cheap or pick a different PSU* that'll include one (we can give you recommendations).

    On saving money, +1 to shopping around - Newegg, Amazon, and tend to have the best prices (sometimes there's a vast delta in price, even).

    *What I'd recommend
  6. If you intend to get i5-3570k, you should get a 1600 mhz RAM. The Ivy Bridge CPU is designed to handle 1600 mHz, although the performance difference is negligible. Also, you want to get an 2x4GB kit instead of two individual 4GB sticks. I'm not saying it won't work, but a kit has been pretested to work together, whereas individual modules may conflict (very rare but it does happen).

    Right now, Newegg has some good 2x4GB kits for the labor day weekend sale. The 1600 mHz Gskill Sniper series is $39 with coupon code.
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