XFX 6950 1gb problems

Ok, last month i buy a xfx 6950 1gb from ebay, that have a mod bio to unlock the shader, i was replacing a gtx 480, ok the problem is sometimes idle or playing hd video from the harddisk everything turn grey, i keep hearing the audio but i dont see anything, i dont know why, so i have to reset the system to be able to get video back, i can still pause the video but i dont see anything

sometimes i spend 5-10 days whithout seeing any problem but sometimes i get 3-4 in a row, and when that start to happen i change the source input from hdmi to dvi to vga, and keep doing it.

it have never happen gamming, and i really play a lot, mostly battlefield 3 1920x1080 everything on ultra, and everything keep cool so is not heat problem,

System spec:
intel i5 2500K @ 4.3ghz
Cooler master hyper212+
xfx 6950 1gb @ shader and overclock to 6970 speed.
Asrock Extreme3 Gen 3 Z68
Patriot sector 5 2x4gb 1600mhz
ocz stealthstream 600w
western digital green caviar 1tb
Coolermaster 690 II advance case
Vizio full hd 37

BTW: sorry for my english, not my native languaje.
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  1. do you know how to flash bios's? If so you should save the current bios you have and then try and flash a regular 6950 bios onto the card and see if the problem is still there...buying a card with a custom bios on ebay is a little scary to me you never know what they have done to the bios (they could have set something wrong that will slowly kill the card over time)
  2. Dont know how to do it but i can dig around, what i found weird is that i can play all game max out an get excellent fps and dont get a problem, if something went wrong whit the bios flash should it crash on gamming?
  3. not necessarily....thats the problem when you start messing with custom BIOS's....things can get messed up causing funky issues with the card...was this always an issue or did it just recently start happening? Also have you tried updating your drivers to see if its a software issue first?
  4. It just happen sometimes, mustly when watching hd movies whit kmplayer+ and is really very ramdon, i can make it happen at my own will.

    i will do a clean install of everything, i have the lastest software, i will downgrade and c if that work
  5. ok yea you can get the latest drivers from amd website and try those to see if your issue is still there
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