PCI-e USB3.0 add-on card & 3-pin fan cable?

I got my new system together last night with a couple minor exceptions. The top two fans in my Azza Genesis 9000B case use a 3 pin male connector. I don't recall what the bottom fans had but I used the Noctua y-splitter cable and attached both bottom fans to a single chassis fan header. The P8ZZ-V motherboard has 4-pin male connectors, and I can't seem to find the correct splitter I desire. I'm not sure if I want the top fans running off the remaining pair of fan headers on the MB or run it direct to the PS.

My MB has one USB3.0 20-pin header, and it's connected to the front panel connections. I also purchased an Atech Flash Pro-37U for my need to use Class 10 SDHC cards for my GoPro camera. But I didn't pay close enough attention to the case and reader... the reader won't mount to the trays in the case and I don't want to run the USB cable out the back to the rear USB connection. I'll probably get the 57U instead but I still need to deal with the cabling. Any recommendations on a PCI-e USB3.0 add-on card which has the necessary 20-pin header?

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  1. 3pin fans can connect to 4 pin headers no problem. you just lose PWM control that 4 pin fans have

    usually, the add on cards for usb3 suck. if you have a reader that is 3.5inch, you can always get a adaptor for 5.25inch bay to 3.5inch
  2. I know 3 pin fan connectors are usually compatible with 4 pin headers, but in my case I need a gender bender. I haven't been able to locate that type of adapter, nor a molex > 2x 3-pin female.

    It's more than just getting the card reader into the bay. It didn't come with a 5.25 faceplate, so even if I was able to get it flush with the front of the case, it still would look tacky to have those gaps around the edges of the reader.
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