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Willmy PSU handle a HD 7850?

Hey guys, whats up? i have 2 questions:
I wanted to upgrade from my old GT 520 and realized i only had a 350W psu. (SS 350HS)
So my current rig is:
Intel DH67BL mobo
2x4GB Transcend 1333 RAM
i7-2600 3.4 GHz x4x2
One Segate 1TB HDD
one DVD/ROM drive and 2 fans + ONE heatsink.
i realise my PSU has TWO 6+2 connectors, LOLOLOL. I was totally like - what the....
Anyways, will it handle a HD 7850 or not. I REALLY dont wanna upgrade PSUs, since i dont have the money for a 7850 AND a new PSU. (yeah, im 14, LOL)
So my basic PSU specs(total ways 350W:
+3.3V - 22A
+5V - 21A
+12V1 - 10A
+12V2 - 15A
-12V - 0.8a
+5Vsb - 2A
I wanna know if it'll support it wont overclock the card.
SECOND question:
Heres what i was looking at, help me choose.
If i MUST MUST MUST³ get a new PSU im looking at
THIS (again need help)
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  1. seasonic makes good psus....if you are not overclocking then I think your 350watt unit could handle your is an article that gives you an idea of the power usage of the 7850....

    I would go with the Gigabyte card...its has a faster clock rate and has a two fan cooler so hopefully it will be quieter.
  2. Yeah, thats what i thought too, SS is ROCKSOLID. And i read about some fan noise problems about the gigabye? nvm that, but 2 fans >= IceQ, right? Thanks man,i'll give it a try. And one thing iforgot- SHOULD I wait for the 660ti? or get this instead?
  3. yeah, and maybe your also have a green light on overclocking the AMD 7850 but not Overvolting

    for a 660 you will have to wait and it will be more expensive than 230 dlls, i went for a GTX670 and its quite good
  4. Every HIS IceQ cooler I've had was quiet, but one non-IceQ I had was noisy. I was reading this morning in another thread some comments about noise complaints on a Gigabyte 2-fan card, so I would not automatically assume the GB will be quieter.
    Seasonic makes solid PSUs, but I'm not sure I'd run a HD7850 on an older 350W model, as capacitor aging would have reduced its output some. Coming from a GT520, you would see an amazing improvement from a HD7770 or even a HD7750, either of which should safely run on your PSU.
  5. its a solidpsu so if I were you I would try running the 7850 and if its not giving it enough power wait a little save some cash and buy a 450 watt or can pick up a solid 450-500watt psu for like $40 bucks if you try hard enough (not seasonic solid but still a decent psu)
  6. I wouldn't deliberately stress a PSU that hard, even a Seasonic. While it isn't likely to kill your parts if it dies the way a cheap one might, it still may die itself, leaving you with no system for a while.
  7. Aah, see guys problem here- Im in INDIA. Electronics here are way overpriced. I asked the engineer and he said it WILL handle it. And speaking form "improvement", im still ognna need something that runs BF3, skyrim, wtc at 1080p and 45+ Fps, i REALLY need that for MP. makes up for my shitty connection here in india.
    If i ABSOLUTELY HAVE to, what psu, an SS520w or Corsair GUK 600w?
    Keep inmind,my system is only bout an year old.
    im alo quoting:

    "For a system using a reference clocked single Radeon HD 7850 graphics card AMD specifies a minimum of a 500 Watt or greater power supply. The power supply should also have a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 24 Amps or greater and have at least one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector.

    It's not the power supply's total wattage that determines whether or not it is sufficient. It's the power supply's combined +12 Volt continuous current rating.

    Your Dell OEM 460 Watt power supply has a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 32 Amps. That's more than sufficient to power a system with a single Radeon HD 7850. "
  8. I thought you had a 350W Seasonic's a Dell 460W? That ought to handle a HD7850, yes; the Seasonic, probably not (maybe when it was new).
  9. lol well i guess the story has changed if it is a dell 460watt psu you should be fine as jtt283 said
  10. What i was really pointing was that my PSu has te capibility for 25A, NEVER seen my processor over 60W, even in EXTREME 3dmark 11, where the usage was 100% on ALL cores. Idk, the TDP of the 7850 is amazing, and you guys SURE it cant handle it? Cause a lotta my friends say it will.
  11. yea especially if you have a 460watt psu not a 350watt it definitely will. if you only have a 350watt seasonic we are in disagreement if it will or not but the 450 for sure
  12. +12V rails are almost never additive. When multiple rails are used, generally each one is current-limited to some percentage of the total. Does yours list a 12V1+12V2 combined?
    For example, you may have a 22A (264W) combined, of which up to 10A can be on +12V1, and up to 15A can be on +12V2, but the total is still limited to 22A, not 25A.
  13. Well, looks like those rails ARE additive in this unit. According to the HD7850 needs 122W running flat out. You've got a 95W CPU; it likely doesn't actually use anywhere near that, but just for grins say it does; that's 217W. With only one drive, and three fans, it looks like you're safe, BUT there's that capacitor aging factor I mentioned. With no aging, suggests 318W is enough, but with 25% aging, it goes up to 385W.
    Only you know how hot it has been around that PC, or how much it has been stressed. If it hasn't been too bad, you're probably good; after all it IS a Seasonic, likely good for at least 10%-15% more than what's on its label. I just hesitate to recommend something that may fail poorly, especially to someone who can't just rush out and buy replacement parts.
  14. Onus said:
    I just hesitate to recommend something that may fail poorly, especially to someone who can't just rush out and buy replacement parts.

    this is a good point I didnt really think about that getting a new psu may not be easy for him.....I am still confused though does he have a 350watt seasonic psu or a 460watt dell?
  15. drums101 said:
    this is a good point I didnt really think about that getting a new psu may not be easy for him.....I am still confused though does he have a 350watt seasonic psu or a 460watt dell?

    I'm thinking he was refering to the point about 24 amps or greater being enough, not the Dell psu
  16. I guess we just got to wait for the OP to come and clear it up if he has a 350watt seasonic or a 460watt dell
  17. In one post he said he's got two PCIE power cables; I wouldn't think that's ANY 350W PSU.
    OP, you'll need to clarify which one you have.
  18. i ahve a SS350HS, the photo you showed IS correct. Its output at 12v1&2 IS 300W.
    My system temp stays at about 35-40degrees, CPU at 70-75 under heavy load (BFBC2,BF3)and GPU (OC to 1GHz) stays at maybe 80degrees. the "systemtemp" parameter in hardwaremonitor is avg 35 deg. And jtt, even i was REALLY surprised, HOW!?!?!? LOLOL. I was asking the engineer advice on a new psu with6 pin connectors, and he pulled out TWO 8 pin PCIe connectors from THIS PSU. WTF right? YES, my point WAS 24 amps, not a dell 460w,lol. As i said, CPU in 3dmark11, 100% use MAX power draw was 63.2W. BF3 it gives me 40-55W, BC2- 45-50W.
    The 12v raild are probably NOT worn out, since my current card is a GT 520, which is like 20W , LOLOLOLOLOL. Just to clarify, the "op" is ME,Right?
  19. OP = Original Poster.
    One of those two 8-pin connectors is probably a CPU power connector, although Google was not friendly enough to show (in English) what connectors that PSU has.
  20. Thanks for the clarification.
    I suppose, but then again the 7850 only needs ONE 6 pin,LOL. So im not gonna worry about that, i can, however post an image though. Dont have a good camera atm, my mobile 2Mp will have to do.=Þ.
    Well, you can see, SOME things in this:$%28KGrHqRHJCwE90pZQ9WCBPpFGTtM+w~~60_35.JPG
  21. Best answer
    so neither of those pictures help they dont show us anything of importance...but at least we are clarified that you do have a 350watt seasonic psu with one 6 pin PCIe power cord......that being said I personally feel that it will be enough to power a 7850 an your cpu both at stock speeds...if you overclock anything it will def not be enough....the 350watts is stretching it.
  22. Im gonna underclock GPU to 750 or 700, I know. NO OC on CPU, i live in a place where the temp is 40-45 degress C. (thats like 100-110 deg F).
  23. yikes....that high of temps will def cause abnormal wear and tear on your you have air conditioning? if so is it on all the time or is your pc subject to those high temps?
  24. No AC, okaish airflow, its usually at 50deg c for gpu and 40 deg c for CPU, when idle.
    the system temp is avg 35-40.
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