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Hey guys! I am running 2 monitors right
now, I use an ATI radeon 6870 for the monitor that i play games on and i connect the other monitor (its a HDTV) to my other graphic card which is an ATI radeon 5850.

Whenever i watch a HD movie in fullscreen on my main monitor the GPU temperatures are below 55 degrees celsius but if i drag and move the video and watch it on my HDTV it heats up my main graphic card to about 72 degrees celsius.

So it leaves me wondering, why does the GPU temperature jump so much and how come even though I drag the video to the other monitor why does it keep on using my main GPU rather than the GPU that it is actually connected to?

Thanks for any help in advance guys really appreciate it!
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  1. my first question is why do you have both a 5850 and a 6870 in your system?.....what you should do is connect both monitors to your 6870 and then remove your 5850 and put it in another system or sell it or something....the 5850 is taking up power and producing heat and it really isnt doing when you watch the video on your monitor connected to the 6870 the 6870 is at 55c or the 5850? and also when you move the video to the hdtv the 6870 goes up to 72c and the 5850 stays down?
  2. Yeah when i watch the video, my main card goes up in temp and the other card stays low.

    I was under the impression that it would be a good idea, as sometimes i play games and i want to watch a video at the same time, so I thought that having the 2nd gfx card to plug the other monitor in to would put less load on my main card.
  3. hmmm thats an odd request do you watch a movie and play a video game at the same time? Do you do this often? If not it wouldnt be worth the extra power and heat production of the second gpu to warrant having it in there. If I were you I would pull that card out and put it in a second pc and that way you have a secondary gaming box if a friend comes over or could still run dual monitors with your 6870 and play a game while watching a movie all off of the one card
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