Enough psu for gtx 550ti

is my psu enough to run gtx 550ti
i cannot afford another psu at this time plz answer
and if not suitable to run gtx550ti den suggest a another graphc card my budget is 7500rs
thank you....
My specs
intel core i7 860@2.8ghz
intel dh55hc
hp dvd rom drive
cooler master 120mm led fans(2)
cooler master elite 335 cabinet
cooler master extreme power plus 550w
cooler master hyper 212 evo
seagate 1-500gb sata @7200 rpm
seagate 1-1tb sata @7200 rpm
nvidia gtx 550 ti(planning to get)
power connector(20+4)
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  1. Yes
  2. Hi there. I dont think you will have any problem, I have an HD6870 on a Cooler Master Extreme Power 550w[RS-550-PCAR-E3] and an i3 2100, my GPU has a max TDP of 151watts, while yours has a max TDP 116Watt.

    I've played Crysis and CoH 4-6 hours (on weekends) with no problems here, were the average tempeture is 27 ºC.

    Hope it helps.
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