Is this Psu fine ? Ordering very soon

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  1. Anybody else??
  2. On the Amd radeon website it indicates that you will need a 500W psu or greater to run a hd 6850 - personally I think you would be fine with a 450W (it only uses 127W on load). It is definitely worth getting a psu with a higher wattage just in case you upgrade in the near future - you don't want to have to buy another psu. Hope this helps and good luck with the build!
  3. 1: id get a cheaper board like the asrock h61 dgs. you wont need much on this budget build
    2:with the savings you can get yourself a 6870. its 144.99 after MIR at newegg (xfx branded)
    3:as for the case, id very least get a fractal core 1000 case. i really dont believe in poorly built cases
    4:id get this monitor but it is double the price. very good unit
  4. i'd go for a cheaper mobo(I prefer b75 mobos over h61 mobos but it really doesnt matter) and put it into a gpu for overall balance
  5. This psu would work it's only $29 after promo code and rebate.

    corsair cx500w
  6. you do know that corsair unit can only supply like 400w right?
  7. TheBigTroll said:
    you do know that corsair unit can only supply like 400w right?

    oops you're right. Not as close to first psu price but this looks good.

    pc power and cooling silencer mk iii 500w $48 after promo code and rebate
  8. that unit is good
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