GTX 670 only achieving 4007 graphic score in 3Dmark

I recently got my system put together, and I was excited to test it out. The result from the first games i tried was good, but when i installed some newer and more demanding games i noticed the performance wasn't on par. It started with original Crysis, where the framerate would be 30~something outside off combat, and 20 or even lower in hectic scenes. This was at 1920*1080 and Very high settings, and while i changed it to high and medium the framerates i got where somewhat the same, and the card being at near 100% load. Later i tried Saints row 3 at Ultra where i also got underwhelming results. I have tried to search for this wierd problem, but could not find an answer. I tried the free version of 3dmark 11, and got only 4007 graphic score on performance preset (my processor did just fine), i am however using Beta drivers as i installed them while i mocked around with crysis, and i guess this might render the result useless. But the the problem with low framerates while the card is performing 100% is something i would really appreciate help.

My system:
Corsair HX 850W
MSI z77a gd55
intell 3570k
8 Gb vengeance RAM
Gigabyte gtx 670 windforce (It runs very cool, staying bellow 50c)

304.48 Beta drivers
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  1. Download CPUz and make sure that your CPU is not staying in low power mode.
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    Download CPUz and make sure that your CPU is not staying in low power mode.

    Thanks for reply :D

    I am having the power mode for the pc on performance, and seeing on the turbo boost monitor that the processor is working as it should. And according to CPUz it gets reasonably hot 50-60 C

    EDIT: The temperature is according to HWmonitor
  3. I had a similar problem with the 560 Ti and Starcraft 2. The GPU was maxed out and only got 12fps in heavy battle scenes, although my i5 2500k system with 8GB RAM was more than sufficient.

    In order to fix this irritating underperformance issue, I had to:
    1. uninstall all GPU and Intel chipset drivers from "appwiz.cpl" (programs and features under win 7). This includes Intel management interface, intel watchdog timer, intel chipset driver, etc. Also uninstalled the nVidia driver.
    2. Then rebooted.
    3. Cleaned the registry with Ccleaner.
    4. Then rebooted again.
    5. Then allowed windows 7 to search online for drivers of "new hardware found", since I uninstalled all the chipset software. NOTE: This is only for the intel chipset drivers.
    6. Installed nVidia display driver (latest, but not beta) and restored driver "default settings" and enabled the new FXAA setting.
    7. run "compmgmt.msc" and look under device manager to see if there are any more devices that require drivers.

    SC2 now runs smooth with CPU and GPU at 50% load and FXAA helps A LOT (Thank you nVidia :)
    As for the intel drivers - I don't know what's up with those. It makes my system feel sluggish and I think its because those driver packages that you download from the website ad a few more hidden services to your system.

    Not a very scientific approach, I know, but at least worth a shot. It helped for me
  4. Thank you so very much!!!

    This really feels like it could do it! Will try it right away :D
  5. unfortunately it didn't help :( everything is the same as before. Ill guess i try to hear with Gigabyte what they think...
  6. oh well. Better luck with Gigabyte then.
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