Liquid Cooling to fit my case

I'm looking for a sealed liquid CPU cooler for this case:

I've got an i5-3570K, so I'll need something that will fit LGA 1155 socket.
Here's the board, although you probably don't need this info:

My budget for this is approximately $100-ish.

I'm assuming I'll need something with a single fan due to my case design. I was thinking of maybe getting this:
Currently $79.99 after the rebates.
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  1. That H80 is about the best you can get with that case, though from the looks of it might obstruct the PSU intake.

    TBH I would just get a decent air cooler.
    This Noctua NH-D14 is only a bit more expensive, will perform way better and wont present issues with the PSU like that H80.
  2. I had a nice air cooler by Ultra; however, it isn't compatible with my new board.

    I'm running easily at 4.2 GHz right now with the stock cooler that came with my CPU. I am at, on average, around 60c. I'd like to be around 50c or less.

    edit: Just looking at the H80 I can tell you that it will not hit my PSU. I've got approximately 1 1/8 inch of space between the currently installed 120mm fan and the bottom of the PSU. My main concern is the space between the fan and the side panel; that's where it's a bit tight.
  3. In that case getting almost any aftermarket cooler will probably do. The stock cooler is only meant, surprising, to be used when at stock settings.

    Get a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO. $35 ($5 rebate)
  4. I'm looking to get the best performance I can at around $100. You've linked two different air coolers.

    Are you telling me that either of those fans will outperform the H80? Or any other liquid cooler in that price range?
  5. If your looking for the best performance, get the Noctua NH-D14 I linked.
    The Corsair H100i is roughly equal to it, but it wont fit on your case and costs more.

    If your simply trying to get your idle temps lower than 60c, then the 212 EVO will do.
  6. My idle temps are already lower than 60c. OC'd at easy 4.2 GHz I'm sitting at 60-63c.

    As I stated earlier:
    I'd like to be around 50c or less.
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