Graphics card help needed ASAP!

Ok so i just built my first PC ever yesterday and everything seems to be working fantastic except the my Msi Radeon HD7770. i dont have a keyboard,Optical drive, mouse or Windows7 yet b/c i was short on cash. so all i am able to do is look at the first part of the UEFI which shows my i5 3570 and my 8GB of ram but it says nothing about my GPU. if i plug my HDMI into my GPU i get "no signal" on my TV, but if i plug HDMI into my MOBO i get the signal (UEFI) when i turn on my PC all the lights light up and the CPU fan and case fans all power up but the GPU fans stay off. i tried changing the power cable between the GPU and my Seasonic 620W PSU from the PCIE labeled cord to the adapter that came with the GPU to make it hook up to 2 4pin connectors. Also i did put my GPU into the PCIE 3.0 slot. Is my GPU actually on but the fans just arent supposed to turn on or is there a power issue? is the GPU not going to be recognized until i install software and drivers? Please help ASAP b/c if my GPU is DOA or there is any incompatability issues with my ASrock Z77 Pro3 MOBO i'd like to send it back quickly.
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  1. Fairly certain you need an Operating System and at least basic VGA drivers for a discrete graphics card to be recognized.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Ok thank you so much i was worried for a second b/c this is my first build and im new to this so i didnt know that.

  3. Wait a second, if the card isn't powering up (fans turning on) and if you don't get video through it then what you should do is 1) go into the bios and look for a setting that allows you to change the onboard video to PCI-E video (or disable onboard, that should work to).

    If it STILL does not power on, I would return it for a new one.
  4. Ok ill do that now
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