Dual graphics card confusion @_@

Hey guys.

I've just purchased a new latop with dual graphics. it has a 1gb Nvidia geforce 630m card and an intel HD3000. While looking at the nvidia panel and graphic settings im usure as to whether or not the laptop is using the better card.

Looking at the ports it looks like the nvidia uses the vga port and the internal graphics uses the HDMI and also the laptops screen. I'm really confused as to how to change this? I want to use the HDMI port with the Nvidia card... does anyone know how and why the screenshot i've included looks shows this for the port options?

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  1. It looks like you are using the Intel VGA for display from that screenshot.
  2. Thanks for the reply :)

    I'm only using the laptop screen and occasionally plugging in a HDTV via HDMI, but i'm concerned that these ports will only use the HD3000 and not the Nvidia card.
    Is this right, or is there a way to change this so that the HDMI output is sourced from the Nvidia.
  3. It looks like only the VGA is supported by the Nvidia chip, I could be wrong but that's what it looks like from that picture.
  4. Do you know what the point of that would be then? I would of thought the better card would of used the hdmi port and not limited to just a standard VGA.
  5. It's a laptop, they are and always have been the biggest rip-off ever but people keep buying them. Ask the manufacture why they put it together like that as they are the only ones who would know.
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