Hi all,
Ok, i have build a budget gaming rig and I've got a problem with overheating,
my processor is AMD A10-5800k. By the reviews, my temperatures are way too high. On stock cooler i was getting about 60C in idle and didnt risk going full load, and with Arctic cooling freezer 13 it was 35-40C idle and 80-83C under full load using prime95.
I have read that the max safe temperatures for 5800k is 74C and im afraid that i will damage it....
In both of the cases i was using Arctic MX-4, i have used different amounts of thermal paste and always the same result ... so i guess its the CPU itself that it the problem.
Also this looks odd to me, when its under full load core speed range 3799.99 MHz-3999.84MHz where as it should be 4.2GHz and core voltage 1.248V-1.404V.
http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/7288/cpux.jpg CPUz + CPUID under full load
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  1. Just to check, you are definetely using the stock voltage, right? No sneaky overclocking with the stock cooler?
  2. You could undervolt it a little to save on temps. I still think they will be high, but maybe under 74C level. You should think about using an aftermarket HSF. It may be a pain to add another expense but it will be worth it.
  3. My a10 5800k idles at about 33c. It's running 16gb of 2133 MHz ram.
    When running Starcraft 2 on extream gpu setting and at 100x 42= 4200 MHz it jumps to about 70c.

    I'm only running the stock heats ink and fan. When idling my CPU will run at 100x14=1400mhz.

    Yours seem to be very hot for idling.
  4. QuZee, check, and monitor what GPU-Z shows the 7660D temp is running at. Alot of FM2 motherboards like my Biostar A85W, report the CPU temps way off.

    Running the stock cooler my bios showed 60c idle, while the monitoring program provided by Biostar showed 40c idle. CoreTemp, and other programs were also out of whack, displaying up to 155c under load! :D After slapping on the Hyper 212 cooler, bios is now showing 40c idle, which I still think is a little off. The only program that has seemed to be semi accurate monitoring temps from the beginning is GPU-Z. It shows 35c idle....and 60c under hours of full load.

    Also, under load mine runs at 100x40=4000mhz, but on occasion will jump up to 4200mhz for a second or two, then back down to 4000mhz.
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