Will it bottleneck?

Hello I currently run a i5 670 3,4 ghz, and a 2 gb hd6670.With 8 gigs of ram.Most of the time I dont have fps issues.I am currently trying to update my gpu.I was thinking about a gtx 570 or a hd7870.The question is will it bottleneck?
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  1. I don't think it will be an issue, you might have to overclock it a bit.
  2. The bottleneck will depend on your motherboard since you have a great CPU.
    What is your motherboard ?
  3. You're not going to see a bottleneck.
  4. Well, it certainly depends on the game if you ask me. but in other words, no you wont see any major bottleneck.
  5. No that CPU will not bottle neck a newer card; specially at 3.4 ghz, If you're worried about the bottle neck you should look at Overclocking the CPU. Which may mean you need a new motherboard and heatsink.
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