Need to buy laptop urgently


I'd like to buy a laptop possibly toshiba but not necesarily, as my last toshiba performed very well for 6 years. I'd need the following features with followin budget approx 500-600 euros (approx 700-800 USA dollars):

1) Size 17 inches
2) resolution: don't really mind
3) need a portable PC
4)long lasting battery at least 4 hours
5) no need to play games on it
6) need to work mainly with office and may need photoshop and other softwares that do not require high resolution.
7) Storage: above 100 GB
8)I'd like my laptop to last at least 4 or 5 years.
9) CD/DVD ROM/writer
Thank you for your cooperation

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    This should do, but it is a Dell. I've had multiple Dells they have been very reliable.
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