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Hey everyone-

I have a intel core i3 sandy bridge with intel's 3000 graphics. i dont have a dedicated graphics card as i am only a 16 year old and dont have the funds to buy my own gaming computer and my dad doesnt want me installing a graphics card on our family computer. with the steam summer sales i am looking at buying oblivion, but not sure if i can run it. does anyone know if i'd be able to?
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    Oblivion is not hard to run. The HD 3000 should run the game okay, though certainly not at maximum settings. You should get acceptable performance at low or medium at a lower resolution like 720p.

    You will have to download a third party mod to get the game to work though. Oblivion does not recognize integrated graphics, so you will need a hacked dll file to get the game to even launch.
  2. I ran Oblivion on an old laptop with an Nvidia 8200M GT, Ran the game close to max, The i3 is much faster and the hd 3000 should play it better then my old laptop did.
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