Installing 8800GTX Video Card, What Cable Do I Need?

Hey guys, so I'm upgrading my video card from a 8800GTS 320MB to a 8800GTX 768MB card a friend of mine had sitting around. Not much of a step up, I know, but still.

Now, the 8800GTS only required 1 6 pin PCI-E cable for power, whereas the 8800GTX requires 2 6pin PCI-E cables to keep it going. I don't have any additional cables to connect to my power supply, and I haven't added one on before so I'm asking you guys just to be on the safe side.

I have a THERMALTAKE, Toughpower 700W Power Supply w/ Modularized Cable Management, 24-pin ATX12V EPS12V power supply, so I think I only need a 6 Pin Power Adapter Cable like this?:

Adding that one to the power supply and running it directly to the card, along with the cable that is already present should work out right? Thanks a lot
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  1. yes you would plug in 2 molex wires laying around that you were not using, into the 2 ends and the 6pin into the other 6pin on you GPU
  2. I actually don't have any of those extra cables that came with the power supply. I've tore my house apart twice looking for that box but it was so long ago someone might have thrown it out, so I'll be hitting up Best Buy for a replacement. Would the one I linked be suitable?
  3. bumping if thats allowed
  4. yes it will work fine
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