Running Graphics Card without Catalyst display Driver??

Hey ppl.....i have recently been using my Video card without the Catalyst display driver and was thinking wether it will have any harm on my system(like fry my v card)....i play games like saints row 3(rite now)which is unplayable with driver installed(no issues with other games so far)...any help is appreciated thanks!
My Specs:
Dual Core E7600
4 GB Ram DDR2
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  1. Drivers are designed for optimization and to prevent hardware errors. While it is unlikely you will damage your card, you will get better performance in most games with the drivers. Windows has a pre-canned display drivers that aren't meant for games. But the reason saints row 3 is unplayable is because you do not have a good computer, not because of the driver. If you're on the latest version try rolling back a driver release (although I doubt that would help with your computer.)
  2. That's previous 9400gt 1 gb ddr2 could run this game at medium with 1024 res....but i get stutter on my HD 5570 1GB GDDR5...i seriously think this is a driver issues..i get good frame rates but the stuttering is horrible makes it unplayable...removing CCC seems to solve it by 60%..smthing
    an HD 5570 is greater than 9400gt i suppose....nys yeah my rig is not very good though....but it should be enough to play SR3 i i can still run demanding games at high settings....thnx for the reply btw :)
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