Is this cabinet compatible with my system?

My pc specs-
Core i7 3770k processor
Asrock z77 extreme4 motherboard.
Zotac nvidia syenergy gddr3 2gb graphics card (I know it's low end so please don't mention to change it, I will change in in future)
Corsair vengeance 4x1 gb ram
I want to purchase corsair 400r mid tower cabinet.
Is my hardware compatible with it? Sorry for noob question.
Also, is it compatible with deepcool assassin if I want to use it as my processor cooler (I want to overclock my processor to 4.5GHz and my pc is always on for whole day and I play real high end games and temperature in summer in my area may go upto 50 degree Celsius, is this cooling enough for processor?)
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  1. Yes it is all compatible.
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