Phenom II X4 955 worrying temperatures

I've had my computer since around October 2011 and only recently in the past few months have been looking at my temperatures etc, While playing a game like right now for example Farcry 3, Core Temp shows me playing at around 59 degrees to 61 degrees.


My cooling system is an Asetek 510LC, i've searched around and have seen many people with OC'd rigs getting much lower temperatures under highload.. What could be the problem here? As a side note the Asetek 510LC is a closed loop meaning i've performed no maintenance except for blowing dust out of the radiator attached to my case.

Should I be worried that the cooling system isn't working, and if so what should I do?

Thank you.
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  1. Are you overclocking at all? If not, 59-61 C is a little high. I would replace the thermal paste with antec 5 or something similar. To be honest though the Asetek 510lc is not that great of a cooler, most high end air coolers will perform better.
  2. Yeah it's completely stock clocks, with thermal paste how would I go around applying it. I've never done anything CPU sided before.
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