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Might anyone know why my screensaver in windows 7 only displays on one (my main) screen. The screens are set to extended and in regular use they are extended. But then when screensaver kicks in it is only on one. It used to work on both but i upgraded my ssd and reinstalled windows on it.
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  1. Are you running off a laptop with the main screen as the built in one? Or are you using a desktop with two separate screens? What video card and driver ver. do you have?
  2. I'm running windows 7 on a desktop pc my video card is a ATI Radeon HD 5800 series version 8.850.0.0 provided by ATI Technologies inc. I am using a picture folder as my screensaver and desktop background. Its seems i can only make the pictures show on my two monitors when viewing my desktop, when it goes to screensaver mode they are only displayed on my main screen.
  3. As far as that screensaver has ever been for me it only works on the main screen. Some screensavers are built for both, some for only one.
  4. right on, that's kinda lame on windows part though :)
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