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hi i have a dell xps 8100 and i want upgrade to this graphic card (Radeon HD 5750 1GB) but it says on the site that it required 450 watt to run, mean while my computer can only run 350 watt, is it possible? becuase i dont want to buy it and it end up not working
i also want to ask if i should buy this graphic card and will it work with 350 watts
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    Unless you have a ton of hard drives and other stuff running off the PSU then you'll be fine with the 7750 on 350 watts. I'd strongly recommend it over the 5750 if the prices are similar.
  2. ok imma go with the 7750, is gigabyte a good brand?
  3. It is a solid brand for sure. They are one of my go-to brands when looking at parts.
  4. thank you very much :)
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