580 GTX Freezing (Problem localized)

Hi all! I am one of these user that always hace problems hehehe.

My computer was running fin for months but now since last week a weird thing is happening. When i play max payne or a game that requires a big gpu effort for 20 minutes, a black screen appears and the gpu fans starts to run at max speed.

At first I thought it was because of the temperature so, I increased the fans speed and checked the tenperature with my G15 but it was fine (75º max).

Then I restored the overclocks of the rams and the cpu. but nothing.

Then I tried a mem test and everything was ok.

As days go by the freezing appears before.

I tried to disable the sli and it worked fine. I tried also one card at each time and its ok. As it was working fine before and nothing changed I think the problem is the PSU or the motherboard.

The psu is a corssair 1000HX and the motherboard a G1. Guerrilla.

As far as i know, when the mb dies it fails more so i think my psu is not giving enough power when sli is active.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!!!

PD i tried a clean drivers install and all that ***...
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  1. News. SLI activated. CPU Voltage to "AUTO" the MHZ is set to default. for RAM and CPU and a case fan is disconected from the motherboard. Now it seems that is not freezing (just played 20 minutes, but before that the game was freezing just in 1 or 2 minutes). Still thinking that the PSU is not giving enough power cause before I dind't have those things down and it worked fine and as I said the motherboard shouldn't be the problem... Cause I broked many MB and when they are broken the pc is not starting or not letting me play the game, right?

    Any idea?
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