Computer Feezes with "Buzzing" Sound

Hello All,

I have searched around for days now and found people having the same issue but no one ever really resolves the issue.
My Computer has been starting to Freeze completely, does not respond and all sound is turned into a Buzzing noise as if the sound was stuttering really fast to turn into a "BZZZ".

This would usually start to happen when I was in a Game such as StarCraft 2, or any high graphical game for that matter, Then it slowly started to happen on lower end games and now it's starting to happen when viewing videos or just on the main screen!

I do not have On board Graphics so I have to use a Graphics card and I do not have an alternate card to test sadly.

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 240
The Temperature is at 30 Idle and barely goes above 60/70 when in game and there is no dust in the fan or heat-sink as I've cleaned it out. I even replaced the thermal compound but my temperatures are fine so it's not "Overheating" from what I can tell.

I have updated the Drivers and the Problem persists, Currently it has not crashed yet and im watching a Live stream so It's rather odd it hasent yet but I did just completely uninstall the drivers for the card itself, So does that give any indication to whats going wrong?

I'm begging for assistance on this! If you need any more information please ask and I'll do my best to give you the needed information. I really need this computer for Job searching and currently have no money to get a replacement card so it's vital I find out what's going wrong.

The issue May not be the Graphics card itself but from what I've diagnosed myself it's pointing at the Graphics card. I've had this card for a while and most other parts of the PC are fiarly new (Around 8 months old-ish) and everything has been working 100% fine until these past 2 weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to Read and I really hope someone can aid me in this!
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  1. The last time I dealt with this issue it was a card not quite seated in a slot correctly. Assuming that the cards are in place correctly the next port of call is the HDD. If the HDD drops the computer will freeze at the point where it received its last instruction. A good indicator of this is if the mouse moves but nothing else responds. The mouse driver is loaded into RAM so is not effected by the sudden loss of HDD while everything else is.

    If the HDD is ok then the PSU is the next suspect.
  2. Thank you for the Reply, Wamphryi.
    The mouse also locks up, It's a complete freeze where the Keyboard does not do anything, The mouse cursor stays where it was located at the freeze but the computer itself is still running with no change in the sound the machine is making. Fans still run at the same speed they were etc etc.

    How would I test the PSU? I have a 700W Silent Pro Coomer Master PSU which came Pre-installed to the Case (CoolerMaster Storm Scout) and has been working perfectly since I purchased it around a year ago.

    Any information on testing to see if the PSU is the issue?

    ALSO! - After I've uninstalled all Drivers to do with the Graphics Card the PC has not crashed yet and it's been around 50 Minutes. It's the longest my PC has been on Today without a Crash and I'm constantly watching YouTube videos / Live Streams while I wait for reply's and that would usually cause the Crash by now.
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