PSU indicating v2.31 etc

Need to replace a psu that is about to fail.

After comparing a few different ones I noticed for example one would say

ATX12V V2.31
or another would say
ATX12V V2.01

etc. What does the smaller voltage refer to and is it something I need to worry about?

I'm powering this mobo
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  1. its not smaller voltage

    it means v2.01 is version 2.01
  2. a little more info...atx standard for power supply change over time.
  3. As in the version of the hardware? I feel a little dumb now, didn't think it would be that simple of an answer. Thanks
  4. yes..if you look at the wiki page you see that atx standard is years old. most newer atx ps will be 2.xx in rev. as you can see the newer ps have small changes for the newest hardware.
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