Am i really still using a wrt54g router?

So despite many upgrades to my PC, and a 50mbps cable internet connection, I'm still using a super old Linksys WRT54G router. It has served me well, but I think I'm ready to retire it in favor of something much, much better.

In short, what should I get? I'd like to get something for under $100, but if there is truly a significant difference between the $75 pricepoint and the $175 pricepoint, I can splurge.

Given how well my Linksys has served me, I have developed a brand preference, but as long ago as I developed that preference I feel I could easily be swayed. With that said, I want the highest quality piece of equipment I can (reasonably) get. I'm not interested in a "it's almost basically just as good but $20 less" alternative brand, I'd rather spend the extra $20 and get a top quality brand.

So far my minimal research has brought me to these two routers, but their lack of reviews and not very high rating score are warding me off...

Linksys E1200 Router: currently $44
Linksys E3200 Router: currently $78
Linksys EA4500 Router: currently $155
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  1. The latest round of Linksys routers have been a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. I bought one of the early Linksys/Cisco N routers once the standard was actually ratified (none of that draft-N garbage). It started having connection problems even on the wired side, and then the antennae started going out. They don't make em rugged like the classic WRT54G anymore.

    Wireless-N routers are going to start making way for Wireless-AC, so you should be able to snag some good deals. D-Link and Netgear seem to have better reviews on average, but none of them are perfect. I'm a sucker for any router that supports DD-WRT firmware and has replaceable antennae.
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